We offer a variety of services, From gas tube replacements and diode repairs to cleaning and certification, Beamin' Lasers provides everything you need to get your recent or outdated products performing like they should.

Beamin’ Lasers can provide you with any type of service for most every type of Laser, software, hardware, electronics and optical components. Many solutions exist even for obsolete systems.


Cost effective upgrades or general replacements to meet your budget. Our team of technicians can restore or enhance your existing product at a fraction of the cost.

Don't let your laser get too dirty! A dirty laser system can greatly reduce its brightness and lifespan. Let us come out and clean your laser system and make sure that it is operating to its full capacity.

Gas charged lasers can loose power over time due to gas problems. We will inspect your system to insure that it is operating at the proper pressure.

We offer custom installations as well as technical training. Software and technical training can be done at our facility or yours. Just contact us with your requirements or evaluations.